FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - Updated March 19

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - Updated March 19

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many entries can I submit for HotM?
Answer: As many as you wish.

Question: What format do you want my picture?
Answer: We would prefer you submit your entries in PNG format but jpg or bmp will work too.

Question: When do you announce the top 20 entries?
Answer: Keep on the lookout on our facebook page to find the top homes.

Question: I won, what now?
Answer: You will recieve a message from one of the fansite administrators congradulating you on your sucess. You will then be featured on the fansite and win a prize.

Question: Can I photoshop the background of my picture?
Answer: Yes as long as you submit your original photo along with it.

Question: Do you want walls up or down?
Answer: We prefer to have partial walls down.

Question: I didn't win and had a home better than the next guy, what gives?
Answer: You didn't have your facebook link, the "next guy" probably had more fluidity with the entry, or you probably forgot to include the whole house in one picture.

Question: Do I really have to give you my facebook link?
Answer: If you wish your entry to be counted then yes we need your facebook link so we can give you the prize and recognition in case you win.

Question: You used my home but not in the HotM article but instead in Inspirational homes or Tile art. Why didn't you add my house to the top 20?
Answer: Your home was very lovely but sadly it didn't compare to the beauty of the other homes. Don't give up and keep adding your homes because you never know when we will feture your home on the front page.

Question:Zoom out and full screen isn't going to work for a full shot picture of my home, what can I do?
Answer: You can take two pictures and edit them together to make one big picture displaying your home.

Question:I suspect someone completely stole my entry, what do I do?
Answer: If you suspect someone stole your home entry then please report it to one of the administration, preferably myself. There are many entries who have become inspired by your entry they decided to try to better it. If on the other hand the just took your image and added their name that is plain plagiarism and will not be tolerated. If someone takes your idea and tries to replicate it in their own home but just tweaking a few things then take it as flattery as your home was good enough.

If you have any other questions on this specific contest feel free to ask them here.
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Re: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - Updated March 19

what happened with the countain of visit? days before I've had more than 400 and now les of 30 can you explain it to me please?
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Re: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - Updated March 19

In reply to this post by Simaholic
keeps telling me the link isnt valid and iv no way of taking a picture of my house