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Rules - Read before posting

Lindsay Owens
Sim-play is for those of the Sim Socialites that wish to collaborate with other people and make a huge story. It is not for stories that involve one person posting chapters or add on's to their own story. There must be at least two people for a Sim-play or else it will be moved to the Tall Tales section of the forum found here.


1. Keep to your age groups. Those who are 13 and under should not be posting in the 18 and over areas and those between 13 and 17 should not be posting in the under 13 or the over 18 area.

2. Be cooperative. You cannot take the idea someone has started and change it into something different.
For example:
Person 1: "My Sim went to the supermarket."
Person 2: "No your Sim went to my house."

Constantly canceling out your fellow Sim-player will get the story no where.

3. Follow the story line and only add, not subtract, elements to the plot.

4. Do not be offensive to your fellow Sim-players.

5. If you need to talk out of character use a double parenthesis "(( ))" to signify that you aren't acting as your character.

Sim goes to supermarket
((Is your Sim going to meet mine there?))

If your post only contains out of character talking then it will be deleted. Each post must continue or add on to the already building story. It can be a filler.

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