Sims Social comparison to Zynga's The Ville

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Sims Social comparison to Zynga's The Ville

So, The Ville is history... I enjoyed it a lot, for a number of reasons, and though I have started to play Sims Social, I find it has many MANY drawbacks, in comparison.

First, the graphics are awful compared to The Ville.

But I can live with that.

However, what Sims Social needs is some kind of Zynga-like game site where I can play with others WITHOUT adding them to my Facebook, which I don't want to do!! Right now I am stuck playing with just one other person, and that means I can't complete most quests, nor expand, nor move through the game with any speed. I'm getting bored and losing interest.

Am I missing something? Is there some place to play, where I don't have to add dozens of people to my Facebook page just to be able to play at an adequate level? I would really like to play, but I'm losing interest, and I imagine I'll just go and find another Zynga game to play, like Hidden Chronicles, where I can play with others without 'friending' them all on Facebook.

Any advice, anyone?